Paige Lewin – Event Director – ROAR Techmedia

I met Chloe on a one day training course recently, and honestly have taken away the kind of insights that I have been able to apply immediately in my day to day selling.

Chloe is intelligent, quick, warm and an incredibly enthusiastic and engaging as not only a teacher but a leader. Her concepts were modern, however were still layered with renowned tried and tested psychological and sociological research and case studies making her teachings more effective than any other sales training I’ve had yet.

The key takeaway I have from her training was to put more importance on customer-centric KPI’s, ensuring that my buyer, is at the heart of absolutely everything me, my team and my organisation do, a notion that is so refreshing, especially working in an industry like exhibition sales where this concept is too often unfortunately overlooked.

Anybody who is fortunate enough to have even an hour of her time, will realise the benefits immediately and likely like myself have her teachings resonate with them long after she’s left the building.