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Sales Strategy ConsultancyWhether you’re looking to create a completely new rebooking strategy, or revamp your current sales processes, sales strategy consultancy will develop a long-term solution that is right for your portfolio of events; focusing on effective and best practice methodology to produce the most commercially-successful and customer-driven results.
Sales Coaching and On-boardingMany event sales teams need that little bit of extra support to make sure they’re getting the best out of their business development and lead generation efforts. Sales coaching can either cover the entire sales cycle, or smaller focuses where required, making sure your teams have all the tools they need to be as successful as possible in their roles. Coaching content is forward-thinking and proactive, delivered both in-person or digitally. On-boarding coaching will help your new recruits with immediate learning to execute best practice sales techniques, ensuring their success within your organisation.
Brand Partnership ManagementThe best way to grow your customer base, activate your brand and increase relevant exposure is to align yourself with partners that support your company ethos, objectives and demographic. Brand Partnership Management makes sure that your business continues to develop commercially, by creating and managing beneficial partnerships.
Onsite Rebook ManagementThe most successful events are those that have a successful onsite rebook. Onsite Rebook Management does exactly that; managing both the onsite rebook process itself, as well as any onsite teams, to make sure that the result is the best it possibly can be. With experience in managing the rebook at 50+ events worldwide, the results can often be staggering. It also means that your Event or Sales Directors can free up their time to support the more holistic success of your show.
Onsite RebookingSome events just need that extra onsite support; whether this is down to a small sales team vs exhibitor ratio, or because your internal team have other important tasks to undertake during the event itself. Rebooking should be a priority for any event organiser, so having extra hands on deck to support this is often critical to success.
Onsite Multi-Lingual RebookingOn the global stage, communication is important. Your events will feature exhibitors and sponsors from all over the world. Communicating with your customers in their mother tongue is always a positive initiative; having an Onsite Rebooker with language skills to support your rebooking efforts will always produce improved results.
Onsite New Business DevelopmentOnsite sales are not all about retention; it is the perfect platform to grow and evolve your show by driving new business leads during the event itself. Onsite New Business Development is a process that will help you develop your show year on year.
Internal Sales SupportFar removed from onsite support, internal sales support is a process that can take place at any point throughout your annual sales cycle, to increase your lead generation, brand activation and customer acquisition, through both sales and partnership development. Traditionally executed remotely, this support can help you fill the gaps in your sales team, whether supporting a particular territory or sector.
In-Office Support (Pre/Post-Event)A successful rebook and sales campaign isn’t just about having an efficient onsite process. The pre and post-event work needs to be as thorough, which often calls for additional support. Whether this is to initiate a pre-event rebook, increase leads, line up new business meetings, increase the post-show retention rate or maintain the onsite conversion rate, the opportunities are endless.
Lead GenerationWalking other shows is an important part of the event world, but with so many relevant events globally, it can be difficult to find the time and internal resources to maximise this revenue stream. Lead generation support will ensure the year on year new business growth of your events.
Digital Customer Journey EnhancementThe customer experience doesn’t end once your exhibitors or sponsors have committed to your event; your customer-centric strategy has to support their journey in order to maintain longterm relationships. Partnering with other leaders in the industry, I work with a digital platform that will ensure the best possible customer experience, particularly enhancing the relationship between your suppliers and your customers, making sure you have ownership of the process and your consumer, streamlining your exhibition operations.
Digital Masterclass WebinarEffective communication with your customers is one of the most successful sales techniques. Digital masterclasses, traditionally delivered via webinar over 90 minutes, are a great way to learn more about the best communication tips and strategies; whether for your whole company, your sales team, or individual employees. Masterclass topics include LinkedIn, customer-centric communication and how to sell in an events world with new regulation and guidelines.
Digital Event MCAs digital events become ever-more integral to our industry, we need to make sure we use a format that keeps customers engaged, enhancing the value of the virtual event whilst delivering a positive experience to all attendees and audience members. With 12 years’ experience in presenting to a variety of global audiences, as well as industry knowledge and experience in understanding the customer, a good digital event MC is crucial.

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