LinkedIn Mentoring

To complement exhibition sales projects, Acier Events works with small businesses, salespeople and freelancers to support them with their LinkedIn strategy – maximising its potential as a customer acquisition tool.

With hundreds of LinkedIn coaching participants already supported, and relevant LinkedIn certification, the LinkedIn Business Mentoring package is typically a 2-hour virtual session that walks through all the elements of LinkedIn that you’ll need to know, sharing screens and developing your profile together in a dedicated session, looking specifically at:

  • Understanding the LinkedIn basics to suit your objectives
  • LinkedIn best practice techniques
  • Profile cleansing and development
  • Network growth
  • Customer acquisition and communication
  • Communication strategy
  • Content creation

In addition, the package includes post-session support:

  • A communication and LinkedIn posting strategy that will support your content and engagement
  • Creation of an article/blog, which you will post out to your network and join the other 0.2% of the LinkedIn community that have created their own written content

Interested in booking a LinkedIn session?

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