Rebooking: Is it the real exhibition time saver?

The event cycle of an exhibition, often one year long, flies by at an astronomical speed and, before we even know it, the next edition of the show is upon us. 

All the development ideas we had as last year’s show came to a close, those plans for growth and improvement that we will “discuss next month” lost amongst the sales retention calls and the conversations you didn’t have time to have onsite. And if your show is bi-annual or part of a much larger portfolio, you often won’t even have time to eat or breathe, forget about organising that new exhibitor-only morning seminar session or drawing a new networking zone on the floorplan!

There is always room for growth and development and, all of us working in the exhibition industry, whether B2B or B2C, understand how it feels to have that year slip away until you wake up and, eek! you’re on that show floor again, wondering what ever happened to the large golden pineapple statue that you had ingeniously decided you would erect at the exhibition entrance following last year’s show. Time. That’s what happened.

It is indeed true that we will inevitably always seek more hours in the day, especially as the pre-show panic sets in and a plethora of tasks remain unticked on the agenda. However, an effective and efficient way to maximise that time from the very conception, a whole 12 months before your next show, is a successful onsite rebook.

Olympia London

Let’s face it; the last thing any exhibition or trade show organiser wants to do is spend half of the sales cycle hunting down current customers who have already bought into the show, some for not only the last few editions, but the last few decades. It can be the most time-consuming of tasks, eating into critical finite moments that you could instead be using to make your show even better.

You have your customers right there in front of you for a few days, completely immersed in the exhibition, the product, and the incredible visuals and atmosphere that come with it. Make the most out of it.

A strong onsite rebook is absolutely crucial for the success and growth of a show. It gives you more time to dedicate to developing new business, industry-leading content, visitor-engaging marketing and value-added sales opportunities. It opens up doors for new sponsorship deals, press coverage and clarity on budgets.

Imagine being able to have the means to dedicate hours and hours to your customers onsite, delivering exceptional customer service, objection handling, offering tips on how to market their attendance AND getting their commitment to the next edition of the show as a by-product. That is a huge chunk of work already done before you even step back into the office on Monday!

Not only does it benefit your organisation, but your customers have a more enhanced experience with a dedicated member of the team providing them with an ear to listen and find solutions; a clear idea of location and price for the next edition and, sometimes more importantly, the weight off of their shoulders; they can spend the rest of the year focusing on THEIR clients and business, rather than which stand they should choose for an upcoming exhibition that they haven’t thought about in six months and certainly don’t remember the buzz they felt from the onsite atmosphere.

Showplans supporting the #GasTech rebook

Quality onsite rebooking is an absolutely imperative time saver, fundamental to working towards a bigger and better show.

But we don’t have the resources, I hear you cry! We wouldn’t even know where to start with the process, some might add. Oh we rebook already, but the results are never as high as expected or our internal team are too busy with other tasks when onsite, others claim in exasperation. 

That’s where I come in.

The event cycle of an exhibition, often one year long, flies by at an astronomical speed and, before we even know it, the next edition of the show is upon us. Make that year as efficient as it can be; call me and let’s rebook.

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